Your Licensing Guide

Why License?

In accordance with local laws, pet licences are mandatory in the Town of Milton. In fact, licences are mandatory in nearly every community across North America. Why? Because licences help keep pets and the communities they live in safe. DocuPet was brought on board to simplify and improve pet licensing to benefit not only pet owners like you, but the entire community. DocuPet makes it easy for the Town of Milton to deliver a successful pet licensing program with a streamlined software and management solution that makes licensing a breeze for pet owners and administrators alike.

Check out the ways you can license your pet below and feel good knowing that 100% of licensing revenue funds are given to the Town of Milton to support important animal welfare initiatives helping to improve your community.

How to License

  • Online
  • In-person
  • Mail
  • Phone

The fastest and easiest way to license or renew is right here. You’ll create a profile for your pet, process your licence registration, and receive purchase confirmations via email. Payment can be made using a credit card or Visa/Mastercard debit card. Each year, you just need to log in to your existing account and renew - it’s super easy!

Renew my pet's licence

My pet has a licence, but it has expired or will very soon.

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License a pet for the first time

I've never licensed a pet with the Town of Milton before.

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In person licensing is available at the following location(s) however it’s important to know you will still receive your tag in the mail:

Don’t forget to check hours of operation, appointment policies, and accepted payment methods prior to heading out.

If you opt to license via snail mail - keep in mind processing your registration will take a lot longer!

Make sure you complete the below form in full and that it is free of any errors otherwise your registration may not be successfully processed.The fine print is there for a reason so keep an eye out for accepted payment methods, who the check should be made out to, where it should be mailed, and any required supporting documentation (ex. a service animal certificate).

Pet licence form

Download Application Form

If you’re having trouble licensing online and need to get your registration processed in a hurry, you can contact our customer care team and they may be able to process your pet licence over the phone. Note that we can only accept credit cards and Visa/Mastercard debit as payment.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday (excluding holidays) from 9:00am-9:00pm EST

Town of Milton Details & Fees

Pet licences are required for all dogs living in the Town of Milton. They must be renewed every year prior to the expiration date. Licences expire exactly 365 days from the start date of the licence. You will receive reminders from us about upcoming licence expirations via mail, phone, and email.

Licence Fee
Animal Licensing $50.00
Animal Licensing Senior Citizen $42.50
Animal Licensing Late Fee $11.56
Animal Licensing
Fee $50.00
Animal Licensing Senior Citizen
Fee $42.50
Animal Licensing Late Fee
Fee $11.56

Animal Licensing fees are subject to annual increase as per the Town of Milton User Fee By-law.

A replacement municipal tag is available for a $15 fee or at no additional charge when you license your pet.

When licensing a Certified Guide or Assistance Dog for the first time, licensing must be done in person. Future renewals may be done online once the status is verified.

A fine up to $110 may be charged for failing to comply.

A late fee of $11.56 applies immediately following licence expiration.

Pet owners must be 65 or older to qualify for senior citizen rates.

Licences are required for all dogs over six months of age.

Frequently Asked Questions


You may license in person at the Town of Milton located at 150 Mary Street in Milton.

Licences expire exactly 365 days from the licence start date. If you renew prior to the upcoming expiration date, your pet's new licence will start the day after expiration, not on the date of purchase.

Licences are required to be renewed prior to the expiration date each year.

The Town of Milton provides licensing services for the following areas: Town of Milton

All pets over the age of 6 months are required to be licensed. 

Please visit the Town of Milton in person as kennel licensing is not processed through DocuPet. They are located at 150 Mary Street in Milton.

No refunds are provided on licenses purchased regardless of circumstances.


The Town of Milton does not offer any special rates for service animals and are required to be licensed as all other dogs. Please call the Town of Milton at 905-878-7252 directly to discuss.

No, there is no discount for licensing multiple pets. Each pet will be charged the appropriate licensing fee. 

Visit this page for licensing options and fees. 

A fine up to $110 may be charged for failing to comply.

Late fees come into effect immediately following licence expiration.

For all online orders a processing fee is applied on license purchases at a rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.


If you are moving please be sure to update your address by logging into your online account and navigating to your Profile Settings page. Even though you are moving you’ll still be able to keep your pet's tag and access your pet's online account. However, your current licence may not be valid in the new community you are moving to. Please get in touch with the pet licensing provider in the new community you are moving to in order to find out more information.


Please get in touch with the Town of Milton at 905-878-7252.

No, there are no restricted breeds.

The following species are required to be licensed: Dogs

Visit this page for information on licensing bylaws.


Visit our DocuPet Help Desk for more information.